Judge Downey mediates cases throughout Texas, primarily in Houston and Austin but also Dallas and San Antonio.  Drawing on his experience as a trial judge and lawyer, Judge Downey believes there is no substitute for preparation.  Prior to mediation, he will review all materials provided by the lawyers and will call the lawyers prior to the date of mediation to learn more about the legal and personal dynamics in play.   He also allows the parties to suggest the format the mediation should take.  While an opening session is the common way to begin, some cases do not lend themselves to such a procedure, which may actually be counterproductive.  And, it is not over until it is over.   If the case does not settle on the day of mediation, Judge Downey continues to work with the parties by telephone at no extra charge and for as long as it takes to get the dispute resolved.


    The fee for a full-day mediation is $2,000.00 per party and for a half-day, $1,000.00 per party.

    If multiple “parties” are represented by the same lawyers and are aligned such that there are no conflicts between or among them, they are considered one “party” for determining the fee.   However, if they will require separate rooms to address their own issues, then they will be considered separate parties and the fee will apply.


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